Don’t Avoid Moroccan Rug Cleaning | We’ll Help You

Moroccan rug cleaning is important for a variety of reasons. Of course cleaning a rug will make it visually attractive again, but cleaning should mainly be done to keep a rug sanitary. If your rug is kept dirty for too long, it will become home to not only dirt and dust but allergens, mold, mildew, dust mites, and other unwanted organisms and particles as well.
No rug is too dirty for our team to clean, and when your rug is through with our cleaning process it will not only be nice to look at but completely safe as well. Young children and the elderly should be kept away from dirty rugs, and so should those who have bad asthma, allergies, and other breathing-related issues. If you have elderly parents or young children at home, get our team to clean your Moroccan rugs, as this way the rugs won’t pose a threat to anybody.

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Here’s How We Clean Moroccan Rugs

Our cleaning process is simple and straightforward. If you want to know specifically what we're going to do to your Moroccan rugs before we clean them, ask our technicians and they'll be happy to tell you. If you have any specific cleaning instructions, we’ll follow these to a T to ensure your rug is cleaned exactly how you want.
We have cleaned thousands of Moroccan rugs over our time in business, so we can say with confidence that we’ll make your rug spotless and sanitary as well. No matter if your Moroccan rug is dark or light, we can clean it to restore its vibrancy and softness. If odors have been plaguing your Moroccan rug, they won't anymore, as we’ll use products that remove these while providing protection from future odors.
Here's specifically how our Moroccan rug cleaning process works:
First, our experts will assess the colorfastness of the rug before cleaning it; when it comes to cleaning Moroccan rugs, preparation is very important. We’ll also remove whatever loose fibers, dirt, grit, and debris we can before cleaning, as these particles can be more damaging when wet.
Then we’ll wash your rug gently, taking extra care as we know a wet rug can get damaged easily. We’ll only use cleaning products that are designed for Moroccan rugs, and we’ll refrain from doing any vigorous scrubbing. Once cleaning is over, we’ll let your rug dry out naturally, as this is the best drying method for Moroccan rugs.

Dealing With Deep Pet Odors & Stains

Pet owners trust us when they need their Moroccan rugs cleaned, and this is because they know we clean with only pet-friendly products. If your pet has an accident on your favorite Moroccan rug, refrain from being mean to them. Instead, get help from us. We’ll make it look like the stain never affected your rug. You and your pet both will benefit from getting a rug cleaning service from our experts. We’ll eliminate pet odors as well.